Thursday, December 10, 2015

Earning with InstaGC

How to Earn with InstaGC

At the top of the Homepage you'll see Earn, hoover over it and in the drop down box there is Search the Web. You can earn points for random searches. Next you'll see Surveys. then videos for every 5 videos you watch you'll receive 1 pt.

The chat box on the right hand side of the page.  You can enter in the codes by going to the top of the page under Redeem you will see in the drop down box Point Booster Codes.
You will see here also Sweepstakes you can click on it and enter in them. They do have a FREE ENTRY sweepstakes that only cost .02 cents which is taken out of your points on your account. Here is a list of all the Sweepstakes you can enter.

Offers Walls can be found by clicking on the InstaGc word at the very top of the left hand side of the page or the little box by Complete offers like pictured.  They have more offer walls then any other site out there 23 different walls to choose from.

On this page at the top you will see Clicks they are very easy points you can do daily. On that same page you will see InstaGc click on this that will take you to the Main page of the site for more offers.

They have a Chat box on the site which is very useful and everyone is helpful on there. Make sure to read the rules for the chat box. They can be found by hoover over the chat box.

Lastly Make sure to make a new junk email for this site. You will get alot of spam in your email you signed up with.

Have fun earning and if you need help just ask I will help you.

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