Thursday, December 10, 2015

Earning with Gifthulk


How to Earn with Gifthulk

First do Guess the Card (you will find this at the bottom of the homepage). When you first start you only get 5 cards but when you get to Diamond level you will get 60 cards. You can win Points, Fountain of Youth Codes. and Boost (this will give you more points for offers). I find when doing the Guess the Cards pick the Suit (not the rank) I also keep the same card like clubs you have a better odds at winning this way.

You can earn by watching videos also from Gifthulk TV. You can find them by going to the top of the page and hoovering over Earn then down to Gifthulk TV. You get 10 HC (points) for every 10 videos you watch. I don't personally do these.

Offers walls include, Peanut Labs. Trial Pay, Radium One, Matomy, SuperRewards, and Payment Wall. You can find this by going to Earn and hoover over it and you'll see it in the drop down box.

EZCoins are all offers you can do also. You can find these under the Earn tab also.
Surveys You will find these under Earn also. If you don't qualify you'll receive 20 HC (points) up to 3 a day and if you fill the bar at the top of that page you will receive 25 HC. There is also a check in for 5 HC (you can do daily ) on the survey page too.

Search wins are 1 guaranteed every Hour for 4 HC.

I HIGHLY recommend to make a new Junk email for offers. If you need help getting started just ask I will help you. Mostly have fun earning

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