Monday, June 11, 2018

Earning with Swagbucks


How to Earn with Swagbucks

First start with the To Do List if completed you earn bonus Swagbucks (they do not go towards your goals). The To Do Lists includes the

                                                      Daily Poll  just click on this and answer the question.

Daily Discover are offers to sign up for that you are interested in. Go to the left hand side of the main page and click on Discover it will take you to a new page, scroll down and on the left hand side of the page you'll find Sponsored Offers. TrialPay, Revenue Universe, AdGate Media, OfferToro, RadiumOne, Peanut Labs, Acorn, AdscendMedia, and SuperRewards are all the offer walls you can go to.
When doing the offers not all will credit right away some do take time or sometimes go to pending. Tip make a new email so you don't get alot of spam email in your main email

You'll find this on the homepage on the left hand side of the page. Click on this    and you will find  they are videos for easy points some are autoruns 
so you can do these while you do other things and can't  be at the computer. 


You can find these by going to Answers (go to the left hand side of the homepage to Answers) The Gold Surveys will come up on the page. On the left hand side of the page you can find Partner Surveys and Peanut labs surveys. Doing the surveys is where you get the most points from. You will get disqualified from some but the first 5 surveys you do from Gold and Partner surveys you will receive 1 pt for each disqualified survey

Mobile Apps are sbtvMobile, EnterainNow, IndyMusic TV, Sportly and MovieClips. If you can't find the apps on your smartphone look for Mobile1 and download it. You find them all there. I bought a cheap phone just for these. 

Download the Swagbutton. You get alerts when there is a Swagcode out. (With the codes you get free points by entering them in the box.) You can find this on the left hand side of the page also. When you get done downloading the swagbutton you can find the button at the top of the page by the url. 

You can earn by shopping through Swagbucks at your favorite stores. Some include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Sears, Kmart, Ebay, and many more!

Just search your favorite store. Click the Shop Now or Activate button and go Shopping. Your Swagbucks will be pending for 30 to 90 days.  Your Swagbucks do count toward your daily goal. So this is a very easy way to make those Goals!!

Refer A Friend
Earn 10 % of your referral for LIFE as ling as they have a account!! This is a great way to get those Swabucks to add up quick.
You can find your referral link at the top of the page and click on Refer & Earn. It will then take you to a new page where your link is or a banner you may use.

These come out about once a day. Some you can enter only on the Mobile app (Swagbucks)  but most you can enter on the computer or mobile.
Swagbucks does have swagcode days, once in a while, you can find out more on there blog.
I post the swagcodes in my group Mom's Earnings Dollars 2 .  I also have a messager chat group you can join for Codes only. You will not receive any messages just codes.  Too join click here

Lastly Make sure to make a new junk email for this site. You will get alot of spam in your email you signed up with.

I have been doing Swagbucks since April 2012 they have helped with paying for Christmas shopping, birthdays, bills, and ect.

Have fun earning!!
If you have questions ask I'm here to help you.

 Get started now By Clicking here                   



Swagbucks Mobile Apps


Mobile Apps

sbtvMobile,  EnterainNow,  IndyMusic TV,  Sportly and MovieClips. 

New Ncrave app.  

If you can't find the apps on your smartphone look for Mobile1 and download it. You find them all there.


Swago US


Starting June 11 at 9 am PT or 12 pm EST through June 15 at 12 pm PT or 3 pm EST time.

Swago  is a board you can earn Bonus Swagbucks on by completing a board with tiles you fill. On the page you will see the patterns you can earn different amounts of Swagbucks. You can click here to join now.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


PrizeRebel is a great earning site. You won't get rich but it has helped pay for Christmas shopping, birthdays, bills and ect. Being a stay at home mom, PrizeRebel lets me help
out with all the little things we want that we would not be able to buy.

You can redeem your pts for (1 point = $1.00) Paypal and alot of different retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target and more, with as little as 500 Pts! Payouts are pretty quick also.

                                                  Here is how to get started today

The best way to earn the most is doing surveys. You will get disqualified from alot of the surveys. but Don't Give Up!!  You will get them! Go to the EARN tab on the top right side of the page and you will see SURVEYS. There are a list of surveys to do, under each Survey wall I listed below they each have a ton of Surveys to do.

Next is Offers. You can find these by Clicking on the Earn tab and also the main wall. You can earn quite a bit for signing up for offers like LifeScript and more. Under Earn you will see Offers Walls, click on it and you will go to the Offer Walls.
They are Adscend, PeanutLabs, Adgate, OfferToro., TrialPay, SuperRewards, RadiumOne, Videos and Daily Points. Under Offers on the Earn Tab, Click on it and you will go to the Main Page full of offers to earn.

Tips for doing Offers

-- Make a new email just for the offers so you
    do not get spam in your main email. 
-- Some offers take up to 10 to 20 mins (sometimes longer) to credit your 
    account so be patient. Some offers won't credit the first time you do them 
    so just try again.

Promo Codes  Make sure to like PrizeRebel on Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram. They post random Promo Codes you can redeem for Points on Facebook.  To Redeem them, go to the upper Right hand corner of the page by your name, you will see a icon that looks like a ticket, hoover over it and copy and paste the code there.

Daily Challenge is where if you get the goals you will earn extra Free points. It will reset everyday so you can keep earning more.

Feeling Lucky!! Then this is for you, under WIN, you will find Raffles, Lucky Numbers, Contest to enter.

You can invite all your friends to join the earning fun by going to Invite then to Refer a Friend. You will receive 30% referral points from anyone you refer for life!! That can add up fast and the best part is you are earning and not doing a thing just showing your friends what a awesome site PrizeRebel is.
Join PrizeRebel and start earning today!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Earning with InstaGC

How to Earn with InstaGC

At the top of the Homepage you'll see Earn, hoover over it and in the drop down box there is Search the Web. You can earn points for random searches. Next you'll see Surveys. then videos for every 5 videos you watch you'll receive 1 pt.

The chat box on the right hand side of the page.  You can enter in the codes by going to the top of the page under Redeem you will see in the drop down box Point Booster Codes.
You will see here also Sweepstakes you can click on it and enter in them. They do have a FREE ENTRY sweepstakes that only cost .02 cents which is taken out of your points on your account. Here is a list of all the Sweepstakes you can enter.

Offers Walls can be found by clicking on the InstaGc word at the very top of the left hand side of the page or the little box by Complete offers like pictured.  They have more offer walls then any other site out there 23 different walls to choose from.

On this page at the top you will see Clicks they are very easy points you can do daily. On that same page you will see InstaGc click on this that will take you to the Main page of the site for more offers.

They have a Chat box on the site which is very useful and everyone is helpful on there. Make sure to read the rules for the chat box. They can be found by hoover over the chat box.

Lastly Make sure to make a new junk email for this site. You will get alot of spam in your email you signed up with.

Have fun earning and if you need help just ask I will help you.

Click here to get started today

Earning with Gifthulk


How to Earn with Gifthulk

First do Guess the Card (you will find this at the bottom of the homepage). When you first start you only get 5 cards but when you get to Diamond level you will get 60 cards. You can win Points, Fountain of Youth Codes. and Boost (this will give you more points for offers). I find when doing the Guess the Cards pick the Suit (not the rank) I also keep the same card like clubs you have a better odds at winning this way.

You can earn by watching videos also from Gifthulk TV. You can find them by going to the top of the page and hoovering over Earn then down to Gifthulk TV. You get 10 HC (points) for every 10 videos you watch. I don't personally do these.

Offers walls include, Peanut Labs. Trial Pay, Radium One, Matomy, SuperRewards, and Payment Wall. You can find this by going to Earn and hoover over it and you'll see it in the drop down box.

EZCoins are all offers you can do also. You can find these under the Earn tab also.
Surveys You will find these under Earn also. If you don't qualify you'll receive 20 HC (points) up to 3 a day and if you fill the bar at the top of that page you will receive 25 HC. There is also a check in for 5 HC (you can do daily ) on the survey page too.

Search wins are 1 guaranteed every Hour for 4 HC.

I HIGHLY recommend to make a new Junk email for offers. If you need help getting started just ask I will help you. Mostly have fun earning

Click here to start today!!!